Dystopian Toronto

Created by Mathew Barrett. Actual title: Future Toronto. It was made mostly with Modo, with some 3D-Coat and Photoshop. Here’s a quote from Mr. Barrett on Reddit: “Just to clarify, this wasn’t meant to be about the polar caps melting, though obviously some form of climate change has occurred. If anything I wanted to show […]

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Iconic Diner Painting Recreated as 3D Pop-Up Installation in NYC

Photos by Filip Wolak.

The diner scene, in which a group of well-dressed patrons sit underneath the golden light of an establishment, is currently on tour in NYC and this pop-up was created by the Whitney Museum of American Art to promote it.

The life-sized version is located at New York City’s Flatiron Prow Artspace. The actual diner featured in Hopper’s painting most likely never existed, but the shape of the Flatiron building captures the “Phillies” diner angular appearance. The display will be up until October 6th.

Original Painting: Nighthawks by Edward Hopper, 1942.


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