Climbing Without A Rope: Extreme Rock Climber Alex Honnold

“Why do you want to climb Mount Everest?” George Mallory – “Because it’s there.” Alex Honnold is the predominant “free solo” climber around (climbing without a rope) and while he certainly isn’t conquering Mount Everest, the only realistic explanation for why he does what he does is the above quote. Icebreaker: Ascending El Sendero Luminoso […]

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The Black Desert House in the Mojave

Creative Director: Marc Atlan Architects: Oller & Pejic Architecture and Moderne Builders Location: Joshua Tree National Park/Mojave Desert, California. 30 minutes from Palm Springs. Area: 145.0 sqm Elevation: 4,000 ft Constructed: 2012 It’s available to rent for professional photo shoots, such as advertising campaigns, fashion, and film production. |Via|

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