February FAIL Compilation

2:54: Oh hai, just dropping in. 5:05: Bike fail, so simple, but it gets me every time! 6:49: Always gotta be ready for the swerving shitboxes on shit tires. 6:55: *that* close. 7:05: Weee! Where’d he go?! 7:50: “I turn away for ONE second..!” 8:11: This is what royally messing up a jump on skis […]

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FAIL Compilation: November 2011

NSFW. SO MANY GOOD ONES. My Top 5: 0:50, bike, meet tree. + the laugh. 1:33 high jump fail. Oh, what’s over here? Oh nope, gonna go back in the other direction now. 4:34, jumping over the truck not as easy as it looks hmmm? /tackle. 4:44, flip into table! flip.into.table!!!!!! favorite. 7:38, we’ve all […]

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