Christ of the Abyss

The bronze statue, which was built to commemorate Dario Gonzatti, the first Italian to use scuba gear, is submerged at a depth of 17 meters in the Mediterranean Sea near the Abbey of San Fruttuoso in Camogli, Italy. It was placed in the water in 1954 and it depicts Christ offering a benediction of peace, with his head and hands raised skyward.

There are also two other Christ of the Abyss statues cast from the same mould at sea. In 1961, the second was placed off the coast of St. Georges, Grenada. The third is near the coast of Key Largo, Florida, and was placed there in 1965. |Via|

Unfortunately the main photo isn’t real and is a product of Photoshop (who knows what statue the creator used), but dang does it look cool.


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