How Earth and Mankind has Evolved, Summed Up in a 90 Second Clip

From the Big Bang to how we live today, this video uses a “tapestry of footage” to trace the origins of our species.

Check Out This NASA Video of a Fiery Loop on the Sun, Too:

The following clip encompasses three types of eruptive events that occurred on July 19, 2012 to create this phenomenon. First, there was a solar flare — an eruption that causes a flash of electromagnetic radiation and light. Next came a coronal mass ejection (CME), which is when the sun sends matter shooting into space. The third event, the dazzling coronal rain, takes place when the plasma that rose into the sun’s atmosphere starts to cool and draw magnetic fields back to the sun’s surface. – Paraphrased from the YouTube description; more info to read there.

Song: Lars Leonhard – Thunderbolt.


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