Get To Know Dada Life

What, you think I’d go all of August without a post? Come on now. I promise there will be lots of new $#*! in the coming weeks!

This post is about Dada Life, a Swedish Electro House Music Duo consisting of Olle Cornéer and Stefan Engblom. Not only do their songs have the most bass and biggest drops in the business, but their wacky sense of humor is absorbing. I can’t get enough of their clips. Also, Stefan makes the most epic faces and has the best fist pump (punch) around.

Get to know their personalities:

Stefan epic face @ 0:27:

Get to know their studio: 1:31 – “This is the place we sit. This is a…” lol.

They always do a teaser clip before releasing a song:

Stefan’s epic faces start at 0:50:

0:44 – That fist pump:

Get to know their music:

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