$*%**@!!: BASE Jumper Jeb Corliss Breaks Legs On Botched Jump

Related. Occurred in mid January at Table Mountain in South Africa while filming a special for HBO. From what I’ve read, he took the hit on his waist, and then broke both his legs upon landing (not shown). Either way, to be lucky to only have your legs broken after this is one of the understatements of the year.

His Twitter, interesting reading up on his passion for BASE jumping/his rehab.

From his Twitter explaining what happened:

“I was asked in a base jumping forum what happened. This was my response.

Well the answer is very simple. I was flying to close and messed up 🙂 I was going for a black balloon that was basically laying on the rocks and was going to try and kick it with my foot. In order to do this I had to fly low and flat between boulders. My left foot clipped a boulder that dragged me into a flat ledge that I took at the waist at full speed. If I had not clipped that boulder I might have made it, I might have still impacted. It’s very hard to tell from the footage. Everything happens very fast. But when you go for a flight where inches are the difference between making it and not making it well impact is very possible. I knew this and took the risk and paid the price for pushing way to hard. I take full responsibility for my actions and am just happy I still have legs to do rehab on.”


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