TimeBender By Whistler Blackcomb, Plus Links To Their Channels

Whistler Blackcomb’s a cool place, you should go sometime. Their YouTube channel puts out some pretty cool videos, too. Vimeo channel (Yeah, they post different videos on both). As a concerned non-parent, I’m surprised to see them have the video title “Shit Skiers Say” posted. They bleep out the words in the clip it self, yet there’s the title for all to see. I don’t want the kids I don’t have telling me they saw swear words posted on a family oriented business’s channel.

Anyways, back to the clip, here’s the YouTube write up for it: “Everything at Whistler Blackcomb is in constant motion, but sometimes the subtleties of that motion are lost to the naked eye. In Timebender, we turn the time/space continuum on its head; slowing down the fast action and speeding up the slow stuff. The season is still young and there’s no better time to visit Whistler Blackcomb. What’s stopping you?”


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