The Facebook Timeline is Sweet

If you haven’t heard, Facebook has an entire new layout, the timeline, which will be fully implemented on Dec 23rd. But you can go ahead and get it now if you like.

All I do on fb is share videos, so I love it, as it keeps them noticeable on my profile longer instead of getting buried after a week (you can also ‘feature’ items, such as a video, which makes it bigger than other posts). The huge new ‘cover photo’ is cool too, especially if you have a scenic photo from a trip, a panoramic shot, a sick car photo, or anything awesome you’ve taken a photo of, really. Or if you’re a lingerie model, that would look great too.

Of course, the timeline only makes Facebook stalking easier, so I’d recommend checking out your privacy settings and/or deleting people you honestly won’t talk to ever again.

Click the photo below to preview/activate yours now.

Photo |Via|

Another fun photo:

Photo |Via|


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