FAIL: Girl Texting Falls Into Mall Fountain, Dubbed Fountain Lady

Follow Up – Interview with the girl (below) and her lawyer: It let’s you know that she’s one smart cookie. Her advice: “Do not text and walk, especially to the younger generation. The fountain could of been empty, or I could of walked into a bus.”

Yea, someone should have offered to help (she could have cracked her head, for example), but there are so many nonchalant/’it’s not my business’ losers in this world today, it doesn’t surprise me. Click the image below for the interview, (ABC disabled embedding on the clip):

Notes: The security guard who released the tape has been fired. 49 year old Cathy Cruz Marrero (the Fountain Lady/Fountain Girl) might be suing (revolving around why the video was made public and why security didn’t come to check on her). Both valid reasons. But while you’re at it, sue the mall for having a fountain, sue your cellphone provider, sue the water, just the water in general, and maybe sue your old gym teacher for not teaching you some sweet tumbling moves.

(Via huffpost)
(Image via therealtimer via googleimagesearch)

Follow Up #2: To make matters more interesting, Marrero has had a recent run in with the law. In 2007, she used a coworker’s credit card to make $5 000 in purchases at Target and Zales, promising to pay her back. She didn’t pay off the debt, and is actually out on $7 500 bail right now! So, some believe she staged this trip into the fountain in order to get a lawsuit. I’m no lawyer, but since the fact remains that security didn’t bother checking on her, I’m pretty sure words like ‘Negligence’, ‘Failure to act…’, and ‘Not abiding by mall security standards…’ could hold up in court. Only in America.

(Via dailywhat)

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